Nathan is 2 for 2 (since I disqualify myself)! Congratulations!

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Questions by Percent of Correct Guesses

Question% Who Guessed Correctly
Will Apple announce a larger-screened iPad? No100%
Will Apple release a television set (not set-top box)? No94%
Will Apple announce a wrist-wearable device? No92%
Will Apple unveil a new iPad Mini revision? Yes69%
Will Apple release a new Thunderbolt display? No68%
The non-Mini iPad will come in 2 colors.67%
Will Apple release an iPad Mini with a retina display? Yes67%
2 non-Mini iPad models will be available after the announcement.67%
The processor in the Retina iPad Mini will be the A7.63%
4 total iPad models (iPad and iPad Mini) models will be in the lineup after the announcement.63%
Will Apple announce a new non-mini iPad? Yes62%
The iPad will come in 2 colors.56%
There will be 2 different iPad Mini models in the lineup after the event.56%
Will the new non-Mini iPad contain the M7 motion coprocessor? Yep44%
Will the iPad Mini contain the M7 motion coprocessor? Yep44%
The processor in the new (non-Mini) iPad will be the A7.33%
Will Apple announce a release date for the new Mac Pro? No30%
Will Apple drop the iPad2 from the line-up? No23%
Apple will revise these Macs: Macbook Pro22%
Will there be an iPad Mini model featuring TouchID? Nope22%
Will there be an iPad with TouchID? Nope22%
$399 will be the base price for non-mini iPads22%
Apple will unveil products in these hardware categories: iPad, Mac Laptops18%
The base price of the Retina iPad Mini will be $39918%
The base price of the new Mac Pro will be $299917%
Apple will release OS X Mavericks 0 days after the event13%
The base price of the iPad Mini will be $2995%
Mavericks will cost $04%
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